Proudly Serving Gwinnett County for Over 60 Years

At Snell's Pharmacy we understand your needs, providing prescriptions, compounding, non-prescription products, compression hosiery and drug packaging. We have been serving Gwinnett County for more than 60 years. Personal service is our trademark.
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We specialize in drug compounding for pediatricians and veterinarians, hormone replacement therapy, pain management, men's health compounding and more. We work with both the patient and the prescriber to provide specialty products for those patients requiring extra special care. To 'help the medicine go down,' we customize dosage formulation or its delivery system for any patient. Tell us about your needs.
Some examples include allergy to inactive ingredients in a commercial formula, inability to swallow, specialized mixtures or dosages, or creating a better taste to make the medicine palatable. We have special training in compounding techniques, plus special chemicals and equipment that you cannot find at regular pharmacies.

Why Choose Snell's Pharmacy?

  • We are specially trained in pharmacology and compounding
  • We provide attentive personal care, and are happy to answer your questions
  • We can tell you in advance how much your prescription will cost. No surprises.
  • We have your prescription ready quickly to get you the help you need fast
  • We ship directly to your door in some cases, for a small charge

Compounding Options

Got Questions?

If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!