Compounding Options

Women's Health - Bacterial Vaginosis
Bacterial vaginosis is overproliferation of bacteria in the vagina, characterized by discharge and a fishy smell. A patient may prefer to seek relief by using a compounded medicinal cream or suppository rather than orally ingesting an antibiotic.
Talk to your medical provider to discuss compounding as a treatment option with medications such as Nystatin. Or contact us to inquire about potential treatment strategies and cost.
Women's Health - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
Hormones are an essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body, and they work best when balanced. However stress, poor nutrition, inadequate sleep and menopause can throw hormones out of balance and create serious health problems.

Compounded bio-identical hormones are prescribed by a health care provider and made by a compounding pharmacy. Bio-identical hormones are chemically identical to human hormones, and can be delivered in individualized doses which may help to meet the unique needs of each woman, with lower doses, special combinations or unique delivery methods.

Talk to your medical provider about compounding a custom medication for you. Or call us to help you get a diologue started with your physician.
Women's Health - Cervical Dysplasia
Cervical Dysplasia is the potentially pre-malignant abnormal growth of cells on the cervix. Most cases remain stable or are eliminated by the body's immune system. Yet a small percentage of cases progress to cervical cancer if left untreated.

Snell's Pharmacy has the ability to compound an intravaginal cream that may promote regression of low-grade cervical lesions. Talk to your medical provider about compounding the right medical application for your condition. Or contact us. We can help you get a conversation started with your provider about treating your condition.
Women's Health - Disorders of Sexual Arousal
Until recently, female sexual arousal disorders received little attention. Common complaints include lubrication difficulties and lack of arousal, low desire and inability to achieve orgasm. It was only after the success of sildenafil citrate (Viagra) in treating male erectile dysfunction that female arousal problems received more attention.
Snell's Pharmacy can compound topical gels/creams that may help to increase female libido and orgasm. The gels/creams can be custom made to meet your individual needs, and might contain medications such as Alprostadil, Testosterone and DHEA. Talk to your medical provider about compounding as a treatment option. Or contact us about potential treatment strategies and cost.
Women's Health - General Women's Health

Snell's Pharmacy can customize preparations for women's health which may improve therapeutic outcomesand reduce side effects.

Compounding medications for such diseases allows for
  • unique delivery vehicles to be used (i.e. topical cream, scalp lotion, nail lacquer); which makes administering the medication easier and more pleasant
  • medicines based on individual need as prescribed by a physician
  • multiple medications sometimes can be combined

Contact us. We will be happy to discuss treatment options with you or your doctor.

Women's Health - Hemorrhoids
Internal or external inflammation of veins around the rectum comes from long hours of sitting, aging, pregnancy or chronic constipation in some 50% of the population.
Common - and uncomfortable - treatments include surgery, stapling or rubber band ligation. However, relief may be obtained from specially concocted suppositories that reduce swelling and provide topical pain reduction. Talk to your medical provider to discuss compounding medications as a treatment option. Or contact us to inquire about potential treatment strategies and cost.
Women's Health - Thyroid Hormone Treatment
Thyroid medications are used either to replace the function of a dysfunctioning thyroid gland (replacement therapy) or to prevent overgrowth of thyroid tissue (suppression therapy). Hypothyroidism is a common reason for hormone replacement therapy.
Because thyroid medication must be carefully dosed to achieve perfect balance in the body, compounding a medication carefully elected based on information such as a person's weight, age, and other health conditions, is the optimum method of treatment. The dose will need to be adjusted by a physician periodically to keep the thyroid function normal.
Snell's Pharmacy can compound natural desiccated thyroid hormone capsules based on TSH levels. This type of compounded desiccated thyroid hormone contains the same hormones that your own thyroid would pro­duce. Please contact your medical provider about compounding a personalized dosage, or contact us for more information.

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